At The Track

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metrack1.jpg (5324 bytes)

This is me lining up for a 1/4 mile run.



metrack3.jpg (30987 bytes)

Here's the launch.




aman1.jpg (47608 bytes)

This is Automan lining up for a run.



kev1.jpg (37817 bytes)

Kevin Vinyard in his "97" 4.6 Ext. Cab staging.



williamkev1.jpg (58418 bytes)

William (Fast Quarterhorse) and Kevin staged.


time4402.jpg (9859 bytes)

This is my best run to date.




aman2.jpg (38409 bytes)

Automan's best run of the night.



kev2.jpg (37393 bytes)

Kevin's best run of the night.



williamkev2.jpg (37247 bytes)

William's best run of the night.