Electric Fans

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This is the JDM electric fan. It is a two speed fan that pull about 20 amps on low and 35 amps on high. Low speed works well for your A/C relay and normal cooling duties. Low speed keeps temps down to normal even when idling in 95 degree heat. You can wire the high speed up direct so the truck can cool down quick while at the track. Both speeds can not have power at the same time so low speed needs to cut off with the ignition switch.



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This is an 18" PermaCool fan I mounted in my stock shroud.  I ordered it from Summit for $103. It was the largest fan I could find and I thought it would get the job done. It was fine until the temps hit the 80's and then while idling the temps would climb to around 200 degrees.  I saw my guage go to the halfway point while idling at the track regularly.  This fan is barely adequate but the JDM fan is better at pulling the temps down.



Cobra R Water Pump

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The Cobra R water pump gets rid of that rusty staft sticking out.


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It weighs 4.5 lbs less and frees up about 4 HP. The impellers are more efficient.



The Stats on Thermostats

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The Stock Thermostat


I installed a 160 degree thermostat to lessen the chance of detonation more than expecting any kind of real performance increase but I certainly don't think it hurts. I am presently running a 170 stat to be somewhere in the middle but the 160 works just fine.

Here's the skinny race fans.   Bobcmt is right Hypertech is the only game in town and believe me I checked every parts store and the dealer.  I performed the following test for Bobcmt, my own piece of mind and science. LOL!  The L does come with a 180 so says the dealer and the number 180 stamped on it.  I bought the Hypertech powerstat #1011 160 degree for $19 and some change tax included.   Now comes the pot of warm water, 160 stat and 500 degree thermometer. Slowly heating the water for good steady results the 160 started opening at 172 and was wide open at 178.  On the cool down it didn't close all the way until 168.  I was disappointed but reserved judgement until the stock 180 was tested.  I pulled out the 180 (pretty easy except for the power steering tank bracket bolted to the top of the thermostat housing but not too bad) and started the same test.   The 180 started opening at 190 and was wide open at 200.  So there you go basically a 20-degree difference even though they both opened late.  The bottom bracket on the stat was wider than stock like Bobcmt said but I had no trouble.  It went right in the hole and even had a touch of slop when moved in the hole.  I love the o-ring that slipped tight in the hole on top of the stat and the thermostat neck with the tapered end that pushed the o-ring out to form a tight seal between the neck and intake.  No messy paper gaskets and sealers.  My gauge does run lower than before.  It use to run almost halfway up.  Now it's closer to a third of the way up.  Pressure in the system could cause these stats to open earlier but I don't think it's going to make a big difference.


STAT size                  Starts Opening            Wide Open

160                                   172                             178

180                                   190                             200