Oval Throttle Body

OvalTB1.jpg (49351 bytes)

This is the Cobra R throttle body. I bought it from Mark/LightningForce
setup and ready to bolt on. The throttle lever was already installed by Mark.


OvalTB2.jpg (45024 bytes)

Wide open  shot.


StockTB1.jpg (43257 bytes)

The stock throttle body in place.


OvalTB3.jpg (40545 bytes)

The Oval T/B only took 20 minutes to install. No extra speed was gained
at the track but the throttle response and everyday drivability were improved.




Airbox Mods

filter2.jpg (23528 bytes)

The stock airbox has plenty of volume for airflow.  All you need
to do is add a K&N filter part #33-2140 for some extra airflow.



filter3.jpg (18533 bytes)

The stock air inlet size is not large enough to allow proper airflow so
extra holes need to be cut in the bottom of the box for max. boost.



boost2.jpg (13431 bytes)

This is the amount of boost produced with this mod. As you can
see this pic was taken at an angle so it's hard to tell the needle is
actually in the black area when your looking straight at the gauge.
Stock this gauge never went above 8 PSI.  I ordered this filter
from Summit for $42 shipped to my door. This is low cost mod
considering the cost of an filter kit and produces the same result.

The Pics below are at a better angle but the steering wheel covers
up the focus mechanism of the camera causing them to be blurred.

boost4.jpg (33698 bytes)

boost5.jpg (24164 bytes)



The Evolution

From 80 mm MAF to 90 mm MAF

comparemaf.jpg (35978 bytes)

This is a pic of the JDM 90 mm MAF as you can see
it is quite a bit larger than the stock 80 mm MAF. The
bolt pattern  looks the same but the hole will not mate
properly to the stock airbox. Now this is finally a good
reason to take the airbox off and install a 12" cone filter



mafparts.jpg (42481 bytes)

If you have a filter kit with a 4" adapter you can bolt
right on to the MAF and use your old filter. If not you
can buy the 4" billet adapter and filter from JDM when
you order your 90 mm MAF. The Boot and MAF are
Ford OEM parts that come on the 2001 Lightning. The
billet filter adapter is custom made by JDM. You need
you chip recalibrated for this setup otherwise you will
run lean. JDM will reburn your Superchip free but if you
don't have this brand chip you will probably have to buy
one since JDM as far as I know only burns Superchips.



maf1.jpg (43004 bytes)

The Boot and MAF fit right in place of the stock ones.
The stock MAF wiring connector plugs right up.  The
ACT sensor goes in a 3/8" hole in the neck of the filter.



maf2.jpg (37528 bytes)

A side shot



maf3.jpg (38186 bytes)

Overhead shot of filter.



maf4.jpg (42610 bytes)

I turned MAF connector to the bottom so the metering
device inside would be sticking up in the middle instead
of blocking the left side of the incoming air. Until I get
the support bracket JDM is making for the filter, I am
using round foam tubing with a couple of zip ties ran
through the middle to hold the filter up and in place.